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PeaceWorks gives different types of support to young people's commitment in positive social change.



PeaceWorks has international projects in Colombia and Europe.




PeaceWorks has a strong knowledge in training courses and we share that with schools, municipalities, associations and companies.



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We are a non-profit and member-driven youth and peace organization.

PeaceWorks is a platform with the vision of a fair and sustainable world in peace, where young people are active social actors. This society is characterized by peace, global justice and solidarity, across and beyond constructed, national, cultural, social and economic boundaries.



I Colombia arbetar vi för att öka ungdomars deltagande och integrera ungdomars perspektiv i skapandet av en fredskultur i landet, där ungdomarnas egna idéer för fred står i fokus.

European Solidarity Corps

Syftet med programmet är att föra samman unga för att skapa ett mer inkluderande samhälle, hjälpa utsatta människor och hitta lösningar på samhällsproblem.


PeaceWorks’ operations in Erasmus + focus on capacity building training courses for youth workers with the objective to contribute to quality and innovation among work with youths.

PeaceWorks föreningsnätverk

Local associations

Lokalföreningarna jobbar även med att ge stöd till lokala ungdomsprojekt genom att förmedla mindre projektbidrag.

Current groups

PeaceWorks stöttar de anslutna föreningarna såväl ekonomiskt och administrativt, som praktiskt.

Vad hände med freden i Colombia

What happened to peace in Colombia after a peace agreement was signed in 2016? How can we work with art for a peaceful society? And what is really peace? 

We work to integrate young people's perspectives.

By supporting PeaceWorks' job, you are contributing to ours thematic areas: 

  • Feminism:

    Our work in the field of feminism is, among other things, about challenging the dominant Western feminism (often called white feminism) which is rooted in colonial power relations.

  • Antirasism:

    The "racial-power-order" is an expression of violence that PeaceWorks has activities to both make visible and counteract it.

  • Global justice

    We work with international solidarity by supporting the needs and priorities of our partners.

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