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PeaceWorks gives different types of support to young people's commitment in positive social change.



PeaceWorks has international projects in Colombia and Europe.




PeaceWorks has a strong knowledge in training courses and we share that with schools, municipalities, associations and companies.



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We are a non-profit and member-driven youth and peace organization.

PeaceWorks is a platform with the vision of a fair and sustainable world in peace, where young people are active social actors. This society is characterized by peace, global justice and solidarity, across and beyond constructed, national, cultural, social and economic boundaries.


Beneath the blue blanket

Our gender equality project with a focus on young people and norms about masculinity.

My school

Our anti-racist project with a focus on a safe school enviroment for all.

What happen with the peace process

Syftet är att sprida kunskap om freden i Colombia, möta andra unga engagerade och att möta unga fredsaktörer från Colombia.

Världens koll

Our project to give young people an increased understanding of how global power structures shape our world.

International Solidarity

Our solidarity project with creative international training courses for people who work with young people.

PeaceWorks gives various types of support to young people's association life, as well as for youth projects for positive social change.




Financial and administrative support for youth associations:

We work to support young people's organisation involved in the construction of a sustainable change.

Make available platforms for young people's critical thinking and creative exploration:

Strengthen opportunities for young people to explore methods and tools for positive societal change on their own terms.

The "for young-to-young" method

The right-holders active participation in the activities conducted, both locally and globally.

Have you an association and need support?

Or do you want to create an association and want help with the process?

We work to integrate young people's perspectives.

By supporting PeaceWorks' job, you are contributing to ours thematic areas: 

  • Feminism:

    Our work in the field of feminism is, among other things, about challenging the dominant Western feminism (often called white feminism) which is rooted in colonial power relations.

  • Antirasism:

    The "racial-power-order" is an expression of violence that PeaceWorks has activities to both make visible and counteract it.

  • Global justice

    We work with international solidarity by supporting the needs and priorities of our partners.

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