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Are you under the age of 26 and believe in the power and place of young people in peace work?Are you looking for organisations that work to strengthen young people's organisation and influence against injustice, both locally and globally?

Then join PeaceWorks today! It is completely free and only valid until the end of the year.

With your membership, you support PeaceWorks' work with feminism, anti-racism and global justice both in Sweden and in Colombia.

You decide for yourself how active you want to be. Either you are just a support member, or you can be more active and participate in our events, training opportunities and projects.

As a member, you will receive a membership letter about what is going on as well as tips on international projects and educations that you can take part in.

Within PeaceWorks, there are local and affiliated youth associations to which your membership is linked. You can choose the association that is closest to you or the associations that drive your interests.

Read more about what you can do as PeaceWorks member!

How can you over 25 support us?

If you have the opportunity, you are welcome to receive any symbolic support for swish 123 54 06 764. Thanks! Peaceworks receives financial support for all members up to 25 - but everyone over 25 is just as welcome as members, and it's free for you too!

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