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PeaceWorks gives differents types of support both for the young association life, and for youth projects for positive social change and peace work. 


What support can you get from PeaceWorks?

  • Financial and administrative support to both the young association life, as well as youth projects for positive social change and peace work.
  • The "for young-to-young" method which means the target group's inclusion in the activities conducted in the organisation, both locally and globally is applied. In an international context, this may, for example, be about collaborations and the flow of information between youth groups based in different countries.
  • Make platforms available where young people's critical thinking and creative exploration of societal phenomena that affect their lives are promoted; and young people on their own terms explore methods and tools for positive societal change.

As a member, you have the opportunity to participate in our peace building activities locally and globally!


Are you not a member? You can become a member here:

There is not local association where you live?

Contact to get information on how you can join and start one.