Local associations

The local associations are affiliated with PeaceWorks but are run by our members in different parts of Sweden. The local associations are there for you who want to get involved in PeaceWork's activities, included inwork and help to increase young people's commitment and influence for peace in different places.

By joining a local association, you meet other young people with the same interests as you and carry out peace-building activities with them. The local associations also work to provide support for local youth projects by arranging smaller project grants.

Click on our local associations below, to get more information about what is happening in your area.

PeaceWorks Stockholm

OBS! Notera att vi är lokalföreningen PeaceWorks Stockholm då vår...

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PeaceWorks Malmö

Vår vision är en hållbar värld i fred där unga...

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PeaceWorks Göteborg

Vill du engagera dig i frågor som rör feminism, antirasism...

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Intresseanmälan ny lokalförening
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