Global Coaching

Global Coaching

This project aimed at attending to the high unemployment rates among youths, that had been observed by both PeaceWorks and our partner organisations, by arranging training courses with a focus on coaching and mentoring. Developing skills in these areas help both organisations who work with youth but are also important for the youth who could in turn take part of this knowledge through the participants at the course. 

In addition, this project was set to connect coaching methods with a wide understanding of social and global justice for youth leaders acting in international settings arounds themes such as peace and social change. In order to address the social issues that youth workers involved in civil society organisations work with, this course was structured so that it would benefit the participants personal and professional roles as leaders/youth workers while at the same time provide a contextual understanding of our world through a historical perspective to explain the current global state. 

The general aim of the project was thus to: 

  • increase the quality of youth work and skills of youth workers by providing knowledge of global power structures and social injustice
  • improving coaching and mentoring skills of youth workers working with young people on a daily basis
  • intertwine how to coach and mentor as a youth worker while having a critical perspective on global structures in order to strive for social change that will last