We are a non-profit and member-driven youth and peace organisation. It is a norm-critical platform with the vision of a fair and sustainable world in peace, where young people are active social actors. This society is characterised by peace, global justice and solidarity, across and beyond constructed, national, cultural, social and economic boundaries.

Our principles

We are a solidarity organization. This means that we (1) take a stand against economic and social systems that create and reproduce injustices and an unequal distribution of power and resources; (2) work with concrete acts of solidarity and methods both locally and globally.

We start from the equal value of all human beings. We therefore strive to counteract all forms of superiority and subordination of people who continue to legitimize the world's inequality and injustice.

We are a youth organization run by and for young people.

Through critical reflection, we strive to make visible and challenge dominant notions of the world, as well as counteract global power structures that are based on these notions.