Vårt arbete

Our work

Our work is mainly aimed at young people between the ages of 13-35. In addition, we also work directly with other actors whose main target group is also young people. This means that we work with youth and adults who work with young people, such as leisure educators, teachers, youth leaders, etc. 

In our work, we work mainly on three focus areas


We live in a patriarchal world, which means that legal, economic and political power is mainly distributed to, and benefits men. We believe that Sweden, too, is still strongly influenced by patriarchal structures, despite the fact that the formal laws are based on principles of equal value for all. Structures (formal and informal) and norms that, based on gender, still regulate people's life opportunities and everyday life. 

PeaceWorks also does not recognize the binary gender system * and opposes the idea that it would be anything other than a socially constructed categorization of gender. Our work in the field of feminism is also permeated by challenging the dominant Western feminism that is rooted in colonial power relations.


We also live in a postcolonial world. This means that racist thought patterns and structures are an integral part of societies around the world, which affects our everyday lives. As an example of this, there is still a whiteness norm that creates unequal conditions and conditions for people based on socially constructed ideas about race and ethnicity.

It is, for example, about attitudes that have a racist starting point being reproduced, without us directly understanding them as racist. This is the basis for what we call the racial power order. The Order of Force is an expression of violence that PeaceWorks works to both make visible and counteract. 


Global justice

Att vi lever i en postkolonial värld innebär även (utöver att rasistiska, patriarkala och koloniala föreställningar fortgår) att maktförhållanden i relationen mellan det globala syd* och det globala nord* reproducerar en orättvis distribution av resurser som fortsätter bygga på exploatering och plundring av före detta kolonialiserade länder.

PeaceWorks takes an active stand against these actions that continue the exploitation of the global south. This means that we have a critical attitude towards development aid, international volunteering and traditional development work where “developed countries” are expected to teach “developing countries” how to develop.