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Activities of the youth associations

PeaceWorks is a peace organisation of and for youth. All our work build the recognition of young people as important actors for peace. We do not think that young people's community involvement is lacking in Sweden, rather the opposite. What is missing are available platforms that capture young people's commitment to social injustice. 

Through PeaceWorks youth people can find their way to construct sustainable world in peace, in base of their interests.

This is how you can involve yourself

With us, you can get involved in many different ways. Become a peace worker!

PeaceWorks offers different types of opportunities for involvement through association life.

Through association life, you can carry out activities, projects and initiatives for a better and fairer world. The advantage of association life is the opportunities to apply for grants and receive financial support for a stable activities.

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We already support many awesome youth associations around the country. If you want to get involved in a better world, it is completely open to join these!

Join one of our local associations.

The local associations are there for you who want to get involved in PeaceWork's activities, that include awork and help to increase young people's commitment and influence for peace in different places.

By joining a local association, you meet other young people with the same interests as you and carry out peace-building activities with them. The local associations also work to provide support for local youth projects by arranging smaller project grants. Right now we have local associations in Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg. 

Is there no local association where you live? or do you want more information? Contact us at


Do you have an idea for a project you want to run?

We help you carry out your project or start your association!

Start your own independent / affiliated association.

Independent associations are for you who either already have an association or who want to start your own association to contribute to a fairer world.

Affiliated associations are autonomous and have one own name, own documents and own policies. The association creates its own profile and is not directly connected to PeaceWorks Sweden.

The association can run projects, send out information and materials in a more independent way. As an affiliated association, you get everything from financial support by PeaceWorks Office, to support your administrative and practic work. We also help with support and inspiration to develop project ideas and implement your vision.

Do you have your own association that seeks support? Or are you thinking of starting an association and want advice on how to proceed? 


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