International solidarity for peace

PeaceWorks, together with our partner organisations, have in this project organised two training courses on International Solidarity for youth workers. We often meet people in the youth sector who express concerns about the way in which global power structures are reproduced in local settings – as well as in their daily work with young persons.

This project has set out to address these issues through a systemic approach where international solidarity and intersectionality are brought to practice, through experience-based learning and creative methods.

A particular focus is given to ‘Theatre of the Oppressed‘ which invites participants to join the stage, broadening their role from spectators to spect-actors. 

Through this project, we aim to promote international solidarity and social inclusion within and through democratic principles. The project also aims at creating a network based on principles of democracy where core ideas contain critical thinking and intersectional methods.

The training included the creation of a toolbox of best practices as well as developing concrete methods within the network that focuses on creating positive social impact and sustainable peace. This tool box will soon be available here. 

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